Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The evolution of a new movement

It has been such a humbling journey creating and preparing for the opening of Amaya Papaya. I am delighted about the community forming around me and know that we are creating a space that will benefit all of us. I would like to thank everyone that has signed up to be on our contact list, spread the word about Amaya Papaya or provided support in some way to this project thus far.

At this time we have secured a space in the Casselberry Collection Plaza on Highway17-92(near Publix). It is a 2300 square foot space that is sure to be filled with positive energy and love. We are working with a local bank and we are now in the waiting stage to access the funds to finance the project.

Unfortunately due to the situation with the banks nationally, we have been delayed in beginning the build out process. Rest assured we will begin soon! We are working with a builder who has created plans for the space (I will upload the plans soon). We also have a complete list of equipment and toys waiting to be ordered or stored away waiting to be placed in the space as soon as the build out is complete.

I have met and talked to some awesome people over the past year that want to provide workshops, classes, retail items and other exciting services and/or products at Amaya Papaya. The services and/or products planned promise to be informative, eclectic,entertaining, beneficial and uplifting.

If you would like more information or want to be a part of the Amaya Papaya movement in some way, please log onto the website, sign up to be on the contact list or email me for more information.

Peace and Harmony

Amaya's Mom