Thursday, June 30, 2016

No doubts

Let me tell you what not doubting God and staying positive in a storm will do: 

Yesterday after an awesome day at AP I went outside to start my car and it would not come on. I called my husband several times but could not reach him. I posted to FB about me being "stuck". 

Honestly, I was happy that it was at AP where I had AC! Finally, I called my mom and she came over to pick me up. She dropped me off and about 5 minutes later my husband arrived at home. His phone had died and he had forgotten his charger. I told him about the car and we ventured back over to AP to see if he could get it on. No luck. I could see the frustration in his eyes. (Our cars are 2000 models, we really need NEW cars. One of the ways we've cut cost over the years WHILE TRYING TO ESTABLISH A SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS is by having no car payments. The downside has been the maintenance of the old models at times over the years. I am even grateful that my car was given to me by my no cost when we really needed to get another vehicle lately). I told him not to worry and that God would take care of us! I asked him not to worry but to instead to pray and BELIEVE that God would provide just what we needed. 

Back to my story......
He took Amaya and I back home so we could prepare for the evening. We ate dinner after which he began searching for a rental vehicle. I would need a vehicle because he goes to work early and I would need a way to get Amaya to dance camp and for me to get to work. It's the Independence Day weekend so all of the vehicles are a much higher cost than normal.  Once again I called my mother for the rescue. She agreed to take Amaya to camp in the morning and to take me to work as well. I love my mom......So it was all settled, I didn't need the car. Next up was calling AAA. Thomas set up the tow truck and we ventured back to AP.  It was 10pm.  I dropped him off with plans of picking him up from the mechanic shop after the car was towed.  I got Amaya back home and prepared for bed with a heads up that I may need to wake her up so we could go get daddy. Around 10:45pm I got a call from my husband saying that he was on his way home with my car. AAA got the car to turn on! Apparently the car gear was not completely in park therefore it would not cut on!! Seriously?! Lol! 
I'm so grateful to God! Something that would have been way more stressful and could have cost us a LOT of money was no issue at all!  Not once did I doubt God for a solution or get frustrated about the situation. God is truly good!