Sunday, June 4, 2017

Self Reflection

 With self reflection it is important to really look inward and determine if the things we don't like in others is really the thing we don't like within ourselves. 

The very thing that we don't want being reflected at us may be the exact energy that we are unconsciously pulling from those persons or things into our own subconscious. Most times it's not the other person or thing causing you the discomfort, most times it is your own thoughts and perceptions causing the discomfort. In our minds, we have set up certain expectations and rules that we govern ourselves by. We don't allow our minds freedom to rest and accept the variance that make up the beauty of life. We want to experience life in a way in which has been predetermined for us instead of truly allowing our soul to be free. Destiny is different than a predetermined learned reality. 

While doing self reflection it is important to learn about those things that truly make you afraid and those that truly liberate you. Once you master the art of self reflection you will learn that most internal emotions are a reflection of your own thoughts not the thing or person you are actually blaming. Once you know what liberates you, do that. Self reflection should encompass your mind, body and spirit. 

Friday, June 2, 2017

My Top Ten Thoughts This Week

1.) People don't really want what they ask for
2.) Being a black vegetarian is an anomaly
3.) 45 has an agenda that will benefit his pockets once he's done
4.) I really want to travel
5.) Entrepreneurship in America is interesting
6.) You can't set goals and attain them for others
7.) Magic is real, I've been a mermaid and a unicorn in one week.
8.) 11 year olds are little kids no matter how mature they try to act
9.) There is a clear difference between spiritually and religion
10.) When your faith is tested, when you were sure about an outcome, it's hard to rebound
*owning a brick and mortar business alone is hard