Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Everyone wants less clutter

How can you have less clutter AND more play options?

Easy! Donate your extra toys to a Toy Library and borrow them back a few at a time.

 If 100 families did this each family would have access to a thousand toys for their children while 

their houses would only have a few selected toys to play with at any one time. As soon as your 

children are "over" the toys they picked they can visit the Toy Library and choose something new 

to play with. And because the toys are ownership neutral your children are more likely to share. 

Join the clutter free club!

Visit the Toy Library of Central Florida

2517 East Semoran Blvd
Apopka FL 32703

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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

After Hours Emergency Care for Kids

Night Lite Pediatrics (NLP), the leading urgent care practice for evening outpatient pediatric medical care in Central Florida, announces its new medicine concierge services, Right Now MD for young visitors. From 8am to midnight, Right Now MD will offer pediatric services in the comfort of visitor’s hotel/resort rooms. Open seven days a week, Right Now MD physicians will be prepared to handle everything from cuts and bumps to respiratory issues for patients from newborn to 21 years of age.

“We are truly excited about our new concierge service for our younger visitors. With Orlando being named the top tourist destination for a number of consecutive years in the U.S. and setting a new record as being the first destination in the U.S. to surpass 60 million visitors, we saw a need to expand our services to cater to the growing tourism market,” said Dr. Desai, a Partner and Pediatric Physician at Night Lite Pediatric/Right Now MD.
Right Now MD boasts a team of highly trained professionals with over 30 years of experience in pediatrics with two of its physicians recently named “Best Pediatric Physicians” by Orlando Magazine.

“We have a very diverse staff and also an excellent track record working with families from different cultural backgrounds, as a result we are confident in our services and it proving beneficial to visitors both internationally and in the U.S,” said Dr. Soremi, a Partner and Pediatric Physician at Night Lite Pediatrics/Right Now MD.
Right Now MD will also offer additional services for young visitors which include on-site laboratory and radiology services, treatment of fractures, private patient observation areas and rooms to treat acute and chronic illnesses at any of the (10) closest Night Lite pediatric locations.

About Right Now MD
Right Now MD is your Pediatrician away from your home. Right Now MD provides young visitors with in room hotel/resort medical care for your unplanned injury or sickness by Florida Licensed Pediatricians. For additional information on Right Now MD visit www.rightnow-md.com

About Night Lite Pediatrics
Night Lite Pediatrics Urgent Care is the leading practice for outpatient urgent medical care of children and adolescents needing emergency services in the evenings and weekends in Central Florida. Night Lite Pediatrics is managed by board certified, critical care doctors. There are 10 Central Florida locations: Downtown, Lake Underhill, Winter Garden, Lake Mary, Kissimmee (The Loop), Oviedo, Sand Lake, Apopka, St. Cloud and Melbourne. Night Lite Pediatrics is open until midnight- every day of the year. Night Lite Pediatrics Urgent Care is the fastest growing pediatric urgent care in Florida.
Night Lite Pediatrics provides rapid diagnosis and care, including on-site laboratory and radiology services, a patient observation area, procedure rooms for the treatment of lacerations and fractures, IV access and spinal taps. The centers treat minor broken bones, lacerations, sprains, fevers, diarrhea, vomiting, dehydration and ear, nose and throat infections. Night Lite Pediatrics also treats children with asthma and respiratory illnesses, as well as chronic illnesses such as diabetes, cystic fibrosis, Crohn’s disease and colitis. For more information, please visit www.nightlitepediatrics.com 

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