Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Possibilities and Anticipation

Every time Amaya and I visit Amaya Papaya she ask if we are bringing the toys over and if the kids are coming today. I gently remind her that Mr. Scott (our contractor; All Phase Construction) and his guys have to finish the build out before we can invite people in to play. She is very excited about all the possibilities that await her with the opening of Amaya Papaya.

Due to build out delays, our opening has been pushed back. I have now set a tentative grand opening for June 27, 2009. In the event that we are able to open before, I will keep you posted with the new date.

I am very thankful for all of your inquiries and well wishes about Amaya Papaya. It really helps me to know that there is a need for a place like this in our community. I will do my best to make sure that Amaya Papaya is a place that you will want to visit often and experience genuine organic experiences with your child.

Many of you have asked about ways that you can be involved with the evolution of Amaya Papaya. There are so many things to be done. If you would like to be involved in one of the following ways please contact me:

Like new Costume Exchange- do you have a dress up costume that your little one has not used since forever ago? We will give you 1 free admission coupon for each gently used costume that we are able to use. (we need 10 costumes)

Storytime reader- volunteer to read a book during our weekly story time. Time TBA.

Store setup- Are you good at putting furniture together? We will be setting up soon and would love to have a few people help.

Tell us about it! - Know of a cool item we should sell at Amaya Papaya?
Know of a cool program we should offer at Amaya Papaya?

Remember to PLAY!

Amaya's momfk

Monday, May 4, 2009

What does that mean?

As we take time to reflect on the importance of Mothering I would like to share with you my inspiration for the Amaya Papaya name and logo. AMAYA PAPAYA is a TERM OF ENDEARMENT FOR MY DEAREST DAUGHTER (and best business partner ever) Amaya, whom just happens to be so Fabulous and we LOVE her.

When I was pregnant with Amaya I dreaded the thought of getting STRETCH MARKS!! It was not until 2 days before I gave birth that the first stretch mark appeared, from that moment on they spread like wild fire! I was devastated (or so I thought, vain I know).

Once Amaya was born my favorite song to sing to her was MY GIRL by the Temptations. The first line was so true..."I got SUNSHINE on a cloudy day".... Amaya was truly my SUNSHINE in the mist of anything that I was going through as a new mom.

When Amaya began to speak she would ask me about the boo boo's on my belly. I would tell her that they where not boo boo's at all. I began telling her that the stretch marks where SUN RAYS that I was blessed with when she was inside my belly.

As I began to think of a logo for Amaya Papaya I thought that nothing would be more fitting than the SUNSHINE to represent Amaya and every other child that a parent has been blessed with.

Ask Amaya....she will tell you how she put the SUNSHINE on mommy's belly!