Tuesday, February 5, 2013

We LOVE our Customers SO much!

This month is all about LOVE, and as most of you know I truly LOVE being able to serve MY Central Florida community by providing a hip hang out for you and your kiddo's to chillax at and PLAY!
I LOVE seeing all of your children's faces light up as they bounce on our trampoline, play in our sand box or make dinner for you in our "custom" wooden kitchen!
I LOVE seeing those of you that take advantage of our FREE WiFi to get work done or simply being a place that you can visit to get in some adult conversation.
If you didn't know, every inch of Amaya Papaya was created with LOVE using more of my HEART than my hands.  Although it takes major physical effort, your dollar$ and many sleepless nights :) to keep this place operating, It's is truly your LOVE of AP that makes it all worth it!
Please be sure to continue to show your LOVE for AP by visiting us often and participating in one of our exciting events this month. It's YOU that keeps us here during these hard econimic times and YOU that will keep us here for many years to come!  THANK YOU!
During the month of February look out for our "We Love of customers SO much" campain.  During this month we will be giving away FREE passes to AP, goodies from our prefered vendors and other swag that you will want to get. :) Be sure to become a fan of ours on Facebook if you are not and look out for the goodies!

Also, during the month of February AP will celebrate Black History month by posting a Black History fact a day on our FACEBOOK page.  WE will choose facts that are kids friendly that toddlers and pre-schoolers can relate to.  We ask that you share these facts with your little ones and educate them about these awesome Black Americans. 

Amaya's mom