Tuesday, January 13, 2015


    So, I admit it, I'm a slacker. I let the toilet paper run out at AP for the 2nd time in the past two months. I'm also out of socks for my customers to purchase. I have no black ink in my printer, so printing  waivers or a sign in sheet today for that matter was out of the question. 

     The reason for this madness: I'm lazy. I barely have time to tie my own shoes.....actually I don't tie my shoes, I just slide my feet into the shoe and tuck the excess string. I'm tired. I've not had much time off from work. Or maybe. There are some crazy health issues that have been plaguing me for the past 5 months now that prevent me from doing everything I used to do so quickly. Grrrrrr. And oh yeah, I'm hiring again.  

   Whatever the reason, today I discovered how easy ordering supplies online is. Toilet paper and ink should be in tomorrow via a truck! I find peace in knowing that I am organized when in comes to the important stuff like remembering my customers names, keeping track of birthday parties, being super OCD in planning my schedule months in advance and I sanitize my place like a F-ing lunatic. Did I mention, my kid got all A's on her report card? I must be doing a little something right. 


The not so perfect business owner. 

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Never Drop Your Kids Off at School with Pajamas On!

For years Amaya has begged me not to drop her off at school while wearing my pajamas. For years my grandmother always told me never to go out of the house not wearing matching underwear or without a bra. My mother always warned against not doing my hair before going out. Today I avoided the request and advice of all three, and man did it backfire on me! I had just pulled into the drop off circle at Amaya's school when my car totally cut off. I tried to restart the car but I got nothing! So, there I was in my non working car, with my pajamas on, no bra and bed head in the middle of the car drop off line.  Amaya, with her helpful self, springs into action and ask if she can go get help. I reluctantly say yes and look into mirror to try to fix my Afro as she is on her mission to find help.  Did I mention that I'm a PTA mom and room parent at the school?
Help arrives. I'm happy, yet want to stick my head back in my car to hide. Luckily, I did brush my teeth before I decided to hop into the car. I am so thankful for the Vice Principal and the P.E Teacher for helping to move my car. I hope they don't remember the image of me this morning looking as if I had just rolled out of bed. Well......anyhow. Have I learned my lesson?  I think so. Only time will tell.  Most mornings it's just easier to get her ready and come back home to shower, eat and dress for the day.  All I know is that for now I'll take the extra five minutes to make myself presentable.......just in case! 

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Vision Board Planning for the New Year

When I was a counselor one of the coolest things I did with my girls was to have them create vision boards.  A vision board is a really simple project that helps you to reflect on goals you may have or things you may want to manifest in life.  When I was in the preparation phase for Amaya Papaya I created a huge double sided vision board.  The board helped me to organize my ideas about various play areas and the type of toys I wanted to have at my facility. This really helped me in establishing my vision for Amaya Papaya as a creative play space called a playlounge that mostly offered kid powered & classic toys.

Creating a vision board is simple and only requires a few simple items that you most likely have sitting around your home. Gather the items below, set your intention and start creating!

Materials needed
Blank piece of card stock or poster board (8x10 or larger)
Various Magazines

To create a vision board follow these simple steps
1.) Set your intention, think about your goals and the things you want to manifest in your life. 

2.) Cut out pictures and words from magazines that related to your goals or things that you want to manifest in your life.

3.) Organize the cut outs how you would like to have them on your board.

4.) Glue the cut outs to your board

Putting your vision board to work

Once your board is created you can share it with your friends or keep it to yourself.   Ideas of sharing with friends are posting a photo of your board to social media and explaining your board in a post.  You can meet up with a friend or friends to discuss your goals and intentions. Talking about your goals can often times be therapeutic and help keep you accountable.  If you should decide to keep your board to yourself,  keep it in a place where you can see it and reflect on it often. The more you are reminded of your goals and have them organized the better it is to achieve them.  You can add items to your board over time if you would like or create a new board for various aspects of your life.

Today through next Friday at Amaya Papaya I will invite parents to create a vision board for 2015.  If you are in the area stop by to let the kids play and create a vision board for yourself.  If playtime at Amaya Papaya is not a part of your plans next week, set your intentions and create one for yourself at home! I plan to create a series of boards this week. My intention is to create a family board, personal board and business board. There will be some overlap as everything I do as a mom, wife and business owner make up my whole self and one would not be complete without the other.  Happy new year and happy vision board creating!