Sunday, June 4, 2017

Self Reflection

 With self reflection it is important to really look inward and determine if the things we don't like in others is really the thing we don't like within ourselves. 

The very thing that we don't want being reflected at us may be the exact energy that we are unconsciously pulling from those persons or things into our own subconscious. Most times it's not the other person or thing causing you the discomfort, most times it is your own thoughts and perceptions causing the discomfort. In our minds, we have set up certain expectations and rules that we govern ourselves by. We don't allow our minds freedom to rest and accept the variance that make up the beauty of life. We want to experience life in a way in which has been predetermined for us instead of truly allowing our soul to be free. Destiny is different than a predetermined learned reality. 

While doing self reflection it is important to learn about those things that truly make you afraid and those that truly liberate you. Once you master the art of self reflection you will learn that most internal emotions are a reflection of your own thoughts not the thing or person you are actually blaming. Once you know what liberates you, do that. Self reflection should encompass your mind, body and spirit. 

Friday, June 2, 2017

My Top Ten Thoughts This Week

1.) People don't really want what they ask for
2.) Being a black vegetarian is an anomaly
3.) 45 has an agenda that will benefit his pockets once he's done
4.) I really want to travel
5.) Entrepreneurship in America is interesting
6.) You can't set goals and attain them for others
7.) Magic is real, I've been a mermaid and a unicorn in one week.
8.) 11 year olds are little kids no matter how mature they try to act
9.) There is a clear difference between spiritually and religion
10.) When your faith is tested, when you were sure about an outcome, it's hard to rebound
*owning a brick and mortar business alone is hard

Friday, May 26, 2017

Let Go

The truth is...this journey called life can make you crazy if you let it. I've learned to start my day by letting go of expectations and through letting go I am free to experience this journey at its fullest capacity. I've learned that disappointments are a choice. 

We get to decide if we stay in a place of sadness or if we move towards the light. I let go not because my heart is always full of happiness but because my heart deserves it. Freedom is embracing that in which you know is yours for the taking and letting go of that which was never yours in the first place. I let go of people, things, experiences, thoughts, expectations and perception.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Children's Party Planning Guide

When planning parties for little ones I often encounter parents that are at a loss as to where they should start. Some parents simply lack time to properly organize without becoming totally frazzled.  My advice for parents is to do what makes party planning the least stressful and the most fun for your family, especially the birthday child. Since 2009 I have had the privilege of helping countless families plan their child's birthday celebration.   From the very simple play party to the most extravagant birthday blowout,  my staff and I have helped to create the "par-tay" magic! As my favorite shirt says: "I LOVE Parties!  Nothing makes me happier than helping a parent create a day that they or their child will not forget.  Whether you are planning a birthday party at Amaya Papaya Play Lounge or another venue let me share my advice on planning the best celebration of your child's birth.

            Who are you planning to invite? Maybe you want to have a close family-only event, or maybe you want to invite 25 children (and their adults) to the party. If your child has a BFF, make sure you include them. Sending invitations out four to six weeks out usually ensures a good turnout to your party.
            What is your budget? Decide on a budget for your party. If you are looking to spend $100 or $1,000, you can create a memorable party for your little one. If you are looking at a venue to host your party, calculate the components of the party package within your budget. For example, at Amaya Papaya, some of our party packages include invitations, paper products and balloons, so you could deduct these items off. 
 What are you going to do? Themed parties can be so much fun! If your child has a favorite character, movie, or television show, you can use this to determine the theme. Discover your creative side to develop a theme, or you can peruse sites, such as Pinterest, to give your creative side a kick-start! In addition to a theme, you might want to add entertainment. Balloon artists, face painters, bounce houses, enrichment,  characters and a DJ might be fun to add to a party. Make sure you contact your entertainment at least 6 weeks out from your event; they might require a deposit. Certain venues, like Amaya Papaya, are the entertainment. If your budget is tight, put your extra money toward your food and drink. Your guests will enjoy your party better.

            When will you start your party? One decision is weekday vs. weekend. On a weekend, more of your scheduled guests will be able to attend. For older children, a weekday party might be preferred; it stays clear of Saturday sports, rehearsals, etc. The time of day matters as well. If you plan to serve a meal, have your party during lunch or dinner times. If you are not planning to serve a meal, then plan your party between traditional meal times. 

            Where do you want to hold your party? Home parties can be less expensive and you are not confided to time restraints. Venues, like Amaya Papaya, can be fun, exciting, and they make your job a lot easier, especially the cleanup.  Local parks can be a fun place for a party. Make sure you contact the local Parks and Recreation Department to secure the location. When choosing to host your party at any venue, reserve your spot as early as possible to ensure you are able to get your desired time and location.

            Why are you hosting a party? Parties are supposed to be fun, so don’t forget the fun items such as: goodie bags for each guest, party games like a piƱata or pin the tail on the donkey, and a fun playlist that gets the party going. Throughout the entire process, don’t lose sight of the reason you are hosting a party: to celebrate the birth of your child with family and friends. Make sure you take plenty of pictures to remember your fun!

I hope this advice has been helpful and that it makes your party planning stress free. This year for my daughter's 11th birthday she opted to have a party in our home in our backyard after having countless parties at Amaya Papaya over the years.  My husband and I planned every activity yet left room for alterations in the schedule. It was a fabulous day for her and her guest. My husband and I left the party happy also.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Everyone wants less clutter

How can you have less clutter AND more play options?

Easy! Donate your extra toys to a Toy Library and borrow them back a few at a time.

 If 100 families did this each family would have access to a thousand toys for their children while 

their houses would only have a few selected toys to play with at any one time. As soon as your 

children are "over" the toys they picked they can visit the Toy Library and choose something new 

to play with. And because the toys are ownership neutral your children are more likely to share. 

Join the clutter free club!

Visit the Toy Library of Central Florida
2517 East Semoran Blvd
Apopka FL 32703

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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

After Hours Emergency Care for Kids

Night Lite Pediatrics (NLP), the leading urgent care practice for evening outpatient pediatric medical care in Central Florida, announces its new medicine concierge services, Right Now MD for young visitors. From 8am to midnight, Right Now MD will offer pediatric services in the comfort of visitor’s hotel/resort rooms. Open seven days a week, Right Now MD physicians will be prepared to handle everything from cuts and bumps to respiratory issues for patients from newborn to 21 years of age.

“We are truly excited about our new concierge service for our younger visitors. With Orlando being named the top tourist destination for a number of consecutive years in the U.S. and setting a new record as being the first destination in the U.S. to surpass 60 million visitors, we saw a need to expand our services to cater to the growing tourism market,” said Dr. Desai, a Partner and Pediatric Physician at Night Lite Pediatric/Right Now MD.
Right Now MD boasts a team of highly trained professionals with over 30 years of experience in pediatrics with two of its physicians recently named “Best Pediatric Physicians” by Orlando Magazine.

“We have a very diverse staff and also an excellent track record working with families from different cultural backgrounds, as a result we are confident in our services and it proving beneficial to visitors both internationally and in the U.S,” said Dr. Soremi, a Partner and Pediatric Physician at Night Lite Pediatrics/Right Now MD.
Right Now MD will also offer additional services for young visitors which include on-site laboratory and radiology services, treatment of fractures, private patient observation areas and rooms to treat acute and chronic illnesses at any of the (10) closest Night Lite pediatric locations.

About Right Now MD
Right Now MD is your Pediatrician away from your home. Right Now MD provides young visitors with in room hotel/resort medical care for your unplanned injury or sickness by Florida Licensed Pediatricians. For additional information on Right Now MD visit

About Night Lite Pediatrics
Night Lite Pediatrics Urgent Care is the leading practice for outpatient urgent medical care of children and adolescents needing emergency services in the evenings and weekends in Central Florida. Night Lite Pediatrics is managed by board certified, critical care doctors. There are 10 Central Florida locations: Downtown, Lake Underhill, Winter Garden, Lake Mary, Kissimmee (The Loop), Oviedo, Sand Lake, Apopka, St. Cloud and Melbourne. Night Lite Pediatrics is open until midnight- every day of the year. Night Lite Pediatrics Urgent Care is the fastest growing pediatric urgent care in Florida.
Night Lite Pediatrics provides rapid diagnosis and care, including on-site laboratory and radiology services, a patient observation area, procedure rooms for the treatment of lacerations and fractures, IV access and spinal taps. The centers treat minor broken bones, lacerations, sprains, fevers, diarrhea, vomiting, dehydration and ear, nose and throat infections. Night Lite Pediatrics also treats children with asthma and respiratory illnesses, as well as chronic illnesses such as diabetes, cystic fibrosis, Crohn’s disease and colitis. For more information, please visit 

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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Save Money on Toys

If you shop for toys at garage sales, thrift stores, consignment

shops or department stores, you could be saving money by joining the

Toy Library of Central Florida. They have an endless supply of toys for

one small membership. And because you don’t have to store them long

term your house isn’t cluttered with unused toys. Your kids can walk

into the Toy Library and borrow any toy they choose and return it the

next week and pick another one. No toy store will let them do that. You

could drive to multiple garage sales and never find the huge variety of

items they have at the Toy Library.

The shelves at the Toy Library of Central Florida are already full of

toys that have been donated, sorted, cleaned, labeled and are ready to

be played with. They are a not for profit (501c3) company. All

donations are tax deductible. New donations come in daily.

Visit the Toy Library of Central Florida

407-592- 7575

2517 East Semoran Blvd
Apopka, Fl 32703

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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Trust in Something Bigger Than Yourself

This morning I woke up feeling very uncomfortable. I wasn't sure exactly what this feeling was coming from. I'm a true empath so I tend to feel EVERYTHING. I've come to understand and listen to my intuition or just be still with the feeling to understand why I am feeling something.
This morning I was comforted in knowing that in darkness there is light to be found, with death comes new birth, with tragedy comes triumph and with uncertainty comes answers.
I, like many of you don't know what to make of the politics we are experiencing, race issues seem to permeate everything we do, mental health among humanity seems to be at an all time alarming concern and the safety of our well being seems to be in question so often.
How do we undo the stress? How do we un-think the negative thoughts? How do we promote positivity in light of such heaviness?
The answer for me this morning was simple. It's one that I will sit with today and remind myself of as I journey through my day. God knows what he is doing. The universe will conspire to do exactly what we think up. Today I choose to be light and believe that I create my own power based on the amount of faith I choose to harness.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Visor Board Planning for the Bomb Mom

When I was a counselor for a girls school in Orlando one of the coolest things I did with my girls was to have them create vision boards. A vision board is a really simple craft project that helps you to reflect on goals you may have or things you may want to manifest in life. To create a vision board you gather pictures, single words or quotes that you would like to adhere to a board. 

When I was in the preparation phase for Amaya Papaya I created a huge double sided vision board. The board helped me to organize my ideas about various play areas and the type of toys I wanted to have at my facility. This really helped me in establishing my vision for Amaya Papaya as a creative play space called a playlounge that mostly offered kid powered & classic toys.

Join me in the Amaya Papaya Play and Support Group on Facebook (so you can participate virtually) or at Amaya Papaya Play Lounge at 11am daily during the 1st week in January to create your own Vision Board! ALL FOR FREE! 
I will go LIVE during the week in the group to discuss our progress together.
This week I will help you will visualize your goals through guided meditation, set your intentions through Bomb Mom discussions, gain inspiration from other Bomb Moms, create a network for accountability and have fun!
5 Benefits of a Vision Board
Helps you to visualize your goals
Helps you to set your intentions
Helps you to gain inspiration
Help you to stay accountability