Saturday, June 20, 2009

Build Out, Build Out, Build Out- The Adventure

Due to construction and permitting setbacks out of my control, the opening of Amaya Papaya has been delayed again. I have now set a new tentative of early July for our opening. If we are able to open before, I will be sure to let you know. Please be patient and keep sending your positive thoughts for an expedited process.

I continue getting a great response from parents wanting to know more about Amaya Papaya. I am very excited about all of the inquiries and hope that you continue to be excited about Amaya Papaya! Thank You!

Not a Boutique

At Amaya Papaya we will feature a shopping area that we will call "The Marketplace @ Amaya Papaya". In this space you will be able to purchase toys, snacks, beverages and other merchandise created and/or approved by parents. Over the past few months I have selected merchandise and met with some AMAZING local mompreneurs who's merchandise will be featured in the Market Place.

Check out some of the items and/or brands that we will feature:

Melissa and Doug
A Mothers Gift - Blanket Company
Doodle and Goo
Boogie Wipes
Hot Green Momma
Amaya Papaya
and many more to come......

Social Media

Now days social media is such a great way to stay connected, after resisting the social media pull for so long I finally got connected and its been great. I have found that I feel more connected with my community, I have support from other parents, I stay in touch with new and old friends and I am able to share up to date information about my personal and business life with colleagues, customers, friends and family.

Check out this article that I found about a fathers experience with social media:

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Stay connected and Remember the Importance of Play,

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