Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Trust in Something Bigger Than Yourself

This morning I woke up feeling very uncomfortable. I wasn't sure exactly what this feeling was coming from. I'm a true empath so I tend to feel EVERYTHING. I've come to understand and listen to my intuition or just be still with the feeling to understand why I am feeling something.
This morning I was comforted in knowing that in darkness there is light to be found, with death comes new birth, with tragedy comes triumph and with uncertainty comes answers.
I, like many of you don't know what to make of the politics we are experiencing, race issues seem to permeate everything we do, mental health among humanity seems to be at an all time alarming concern and the safety of our well being seems to be in question so often.
How do we undo the stress? How do we un-think the negative thoughts? How do we promote positivity in light of such heaviness?
The answer for me this morning was simple. It's one that I will sit with today and remind myself of as I journey through my day. God knows what he is doing. The universe will conspire to do exactly what we think up. Today I choose to be light and believe that I create my own power based on the amount of faith I choose to harness.

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